Because the second wave of COVID is far more spreading than the first, the demand for testing has increased dramatically. Even if you are taking all of the essential precautions, you should get familiar with the many types of Corona testing, their goals, when they are required, and how to schedule such tests. In an emergency, the sooner you act, the sooner you or a loved one will receive the medical attention they require.

Mylyfcare, India’s most popular and trusted online healthcare platform, has stepped in to assist people in every way it can, from safely delivering medicines to people’s homes to organising immunization programmes and making the COVID test widely accessible. Continue reading to learn which tests may be scheduled with Mylyfcare. The collection of samples at home allows for this COVID test at home.


The presence of coronavirus RNA in the mucosal lining of your nose or throat is detected by this test. When you observe COVID symptoms like fever, sore throat, body discomfort or headache, diarrhoea, nausea, conjunctivitis, or loss of taste or smell, you might choose for this test.

Tests for when you have been diagnosed with COVID

After a COVID diagnosis, it’s critical to keep an eye on the patient since COVID can have a variety of health implications. Mylyfcare has established arrangements for the following tests for COVID patients as a result of this:

CRP Quantitative

This test detects the level of C-reactive proteins (produced by the liver) to determine how effectively the liver is functioning post injury or infection.

LDH test

Lactate dehydrogenase is an essential enzyme that helps the body produce energy from glucose. It is formed in the cells of the body. But if the tissues of the body are damaged, then traces of lactate dehydrogenase can be found in the blood. This test can find LDH in blood.

Ferritin test

Ferritin stores iron and is present in all our cells. This test can tell you if your ferritin levels are below normal which would indicate that your body is unable to store adequate iron in its cells. 

Test after vaccination

The objective of the COVID vaccination is to generate antibodies in your blood to develop protection against COVID. By testing for the presence of COVID S1 spike protein antibodies, the COVID Spike S1 Antibody test can assist assess how powerful your immunogenic reaction is.

Test to find out if you contracted Asymptomatic COVID

The Advanced Full Body Check-Up with COVID Antibody test is a thorough test that checks various factors such as COVID antibodies, lipid profile, liver function, thyroid profile, and more (66 parameters altogether).

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